JJ Domains was established with a view to acquire and monetize qualitative premium and generic domain names. JJ Domains - We help brands, Entrepreneurs, politicians and athletes acquire premium domain names for their vision. Like in real estate, a good brand domain name is all about location. Having a premium domain is like setting up shop on 5th Avenue, and the good ones are rare and desirable. he demand for a domain name is directly proportional to its perceived brand value.If you are looking to become a market leader and want to build authority, you can start by getting yourself a category-defining domain name with industry-specific keywords.A premium domain name can make a major difference in your business’ branding and online marketing.

From a marketing standpoint, the right domain name is a powerful tool that can lead customers to a website and help create recognition for the brand. Short and brandable domain names are scarce, though, if not outright impossible to find. While often significantly more expensive than regular ones, premium domain names are inherently more valuable to companies seeking to carve out their slice of the online market.

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